Transit Equity Day - February 4th, 2020

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Transit Equity Day – February 4th, 2020

  • Posted by: Leland Brandt

Southeast Area Transit District (SEAT) joins ATU Local 1209, CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs and other allies in honoring Rosa Parks on her birthday (February 4th) with Transit Equity Day activities. SEAT will mark the day with small Rosa Parks memorials on several buses and a fare-free day on all routes.  We thank our current riders for their steadfast support of transit, but more importantly want to encourage new riders to try transit for a day at no cost.

We appreciate the efforts of our State leaders in securing long-term, stable funding for Connecticut’s transportation system.  We encourage a review of CT2030 to create a transportation plan that is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution while investing in egalitarian, sustainable transportation modes.

We face a climate crisis, and transportation is responsible for 38% of Connecticut’s greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from passenger cars and light duty trucks.

We recognize that some highway expansion projects are important and much-needed repairs to roads and bridges are critical; but these projects should be balanced by much more substantial investments in transit – both rail and buses.

SEAT has a modest system improvement plan that is “shovel-ready.”  An easy first step should be an immediate commitment to fully fund the implementation of that plan.  Funding can also be allocated for possible transit service expansion to support the growth of job opportunities and community impacts associated with Electric Boat, the Navy’s Subbase New London, and new offshore wind development at State Pier.

Communities that have suffered the most from transportation pollution also have a greater dependence on buses and active transportation (biking, walking).  Investing in those modes of transport not only enhances the quality of life in our urban regions but also has a positive economic impact by improving access to jobs and services.

State-wide, we can put thousands of citizens to work building a modern transportation system that strengthens the economy and provides more mobility options, all while protecting the climate and the public’s health.


More information about Transit Equity Day activities in Connecticut can be found at:

Author: Leland Brandt

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