Mobile Ticketing Comes to SEAT

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Mobile Ticketing Comes to SEAT

  • Posted by: Leland Brandt

Preston, CT — February 24, 2021 SEAT is pleased to announce a new fare payment system effective March 1, 2021. Mobile Fare Collection will allow customers to purchase SEAT tickets on their smart phone and use their smart phone to board the bus.  SEAT has partnered with “Token Transit,” to provide this service.  

Positive Customer Impact

Mobile Ticketing provides customers with another way to purchases passes and board buses.  It provides a contactless fare solution for customers as well as a nearly instantaneous receipt of their passes after purchase.

Product Availability

The Token Transit app, available on Apple IOS store and Google Play store is available now.  SEAT passes will be available for purchase beginning March 1, 2021.

Token Transit is a mobile app to pay for public transportation. Using the Token Transit app, riders can purchase transit passes on their smartphones and board the bus by showing the driver a pass on their phone. Transit agencies are choosing Token Transit as a rapidly deployable alternative to smartcards in order to boost ridership, decrease costs, and improve service. Founded in San Francisco with the mission to increase access to public transportation across the United States, the company is helping transit agencies of all sizes provide an easy and convenient rider experience. For more information visit: or download ‘Token Transit’ on your iPhone or Android.

Media contact:

Sam Daly

Token Transit Co-Founder

[email protected]


For more information:

Michael J Carroll


[email protected]

Author: Leland Brandt

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