뉴 런던 유니온 역

뉴 런던 유니온 역 (NLC) serves as a central hub for New London’s transportation, as well as SEAT’s southern bus station. With platforms serving both Amtrak’s 동북 지역 service and CTDOT’s 쇼 라인 이스트 service, it also serves as our primary southern bus station. From here we provide service to Foxwoods Casino via Route 108, which doubles as the 암트랙 쓰루 웨이 버스 서비스 NLC여우. In addition, Greyhouse Bus lines serves Union Station for long distance bus routes that connect all across the United States.

Union Station is served by the following SEAT Routes: 
1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 14, 15, 108

Union Station is also served by 9 Town Transit Route 643 with service to Old Saybrook.

뉴 런던 유니온 역은 27 Water Street, 뉴 런던 코네티컷.

Union Station

New London Union Station in it’s current form was built in 1887 for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad and the Central Vermont Railway, and has been hub for New London ever since. The city has recently taken to using it as it’s main transportation center, with local ferries to Long Island, Block Island and Fishers Island all within moments walking distance from the station located in downtown New London.