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New London Union Station

New London’s Union Station (NLC) serves as a central hub for New London’s transportation, with a station serving both Amtrak’s Northeast Regional service and CTdot’s Shoreline East service, as well as functioning as our New London hub. From here we provide service via our Foxwoods Route, doubling as the Amtrak Thruway Bus service between NLC and FOX, using our Route 108 to Foxwoods Casino. Additionally, Greyhound Bus serves Union Station for long distance bus routes to help connect passengers for alternative destinations outside the area.


New London Union Station is located at 27 Water Street, New London CT.

Union Station

Union Station was built in 1887, and has been a central hub of New London ever since. New London has focused recently on using it as a transportation center, with local ferries to Long Island, Block Island and Fishers Island all within moments walking distance from the station located in downtown New London.