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SEAT has resumed the collection of fares on ALL services since April 1st, 2023.

For your convenience, we offer multiple ways to ride our fleet – including single ride tickets, ticket booklets, and passes. We additionally offer multiple methods to purchase said items, be it at the bus, online or at physical locations around Southeastern Connecticut.  Please note that due to technology limitations Passes (Zip, 1 Day, 5 Day, 31 Day and 10 Ride) are NOT accepted as fare payment on the HOP or Smart Ride MicroTransit service.

Cash Fares

Regular Single Ride
Senior / Disabled Single
ADA / Paratransit

Children (5 and under – about 45″ and below): Free

  • Senior / Disabled Single Ride requires presentation of Medicare Card or Senior/Disabled Card to receive discount. ADA/Paratransit eligible approved clients / used only on ADA Paratransit buses.
  • For more info about Senior & Disabled Fares, view our Rider Info page.
  • Passengers will need to have exact change as bus operators do not have the capability to make change. Dollar bills, coins, passes and tickets are all acceptable forms of payments.
  • Transfers allow customers to complete a one-way trip requiring multiple buses without additional fare payment.  Transfers are not intended to make a round trip.  We suggest purchasing a Period Pass for this purpose, such as a Zip or One-Day Pass.  Transfers are issued at time of fare payment, and are time and trip-limited, and cannot be accepted on the route from which they are issued.

SEAT routes connect at the following locations:  Norwich Transportation Center, Lisbon Landing, Mohegan Sun, New London/Water Street, New London Shopping Center, Eugene O’Neill & State Street Shelter, Groton Square, Groton Plaza Court, I-95/Route 2 Commuter Lot (North Stonington), and Olde Mistick Village.


Single Ride Regular Use Ticket
Single Ride Senior/Disabled Ticket
10 Ride ADA Paratransit Ticket Book

Minimum purchase of ten (10) tickets per order.

Tickets & ticket books are sold at the local Stop and Shops, Sold Online, at the SEAT Main Office and the Norwich Transportation Ticket Office).  Note that the Norwich Transportation Ticket Office does NOT accept or process coins!.

Please Note:  ADA Paratransit Ticket Books are not sold at Stop and Shop.  Regular Ride Tickets and Senior / Disabled Tickets cannot be used on ADA Paratransit Service.

* For more info about Senior & Disabled Fares, view our Rider Info page.

Passes (Not Valid on HOP, Smart Ride or ADA)

4 Hour Regular ZIP Pass *NEW*
Ten Ride Regular Trip Pass

Ten Ride Senior/Disabled Pass

1 Day Unlimited Pass
5 Day Unlimited Pass
31 Day Unlimited Pass

We also offer a 4 Hour (Consecutive) Zip Unlimited Ride Pass, only sold on bus and online at this time.

Period Passes purchased from SEAT are not active until used on a SEAT bus.  They can only be used on SEAT Bus, and are not accepted on ADA Paratransit, HOP or Smart Ride services.

To activate your Period Pass, insert it into the TRIM unit (color side facing you, with notch at top).  The fare box will then activate the pass, and time stamp the expiration date on the back of the pass, and return it to you.  You’re now good to go.

When using an activated (time-stamped) period pass again, simply swipe the pass on the swipe reader on the top of the fare box (white side facing you, magnetic strip on bottom, swiping right to left (or front of box to back of box).  The fare box will “chirp” and record the use, and you’re good to go!

Please note the following:

Multi-Day passes are valid for CONSECUTIVE DAYS, starting with the date the pass is activated.  For example, if you have a 5 Day Pass, and activate it on the 1st, it will expire on 5th at 11:59 PM.

  • Passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE.  You cannot pass it back to another person for an additional boarding.  The fare box will “warble” and the second person will need to pay the fare by another means.
  • Passes have NO CASH VALUE and are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Lost, stolen or passes that cannot be read cannot be replaced.
  • Expired passes will not be accepted for fare payment.
  • Passes that cannot be read by the fare box or the operator, will not be accepted as fare payment.
  • Therefore, please treat your pass carefully!  It will not survive a trip through the washing machine!  Do not bend, fold or otherwise mutilate your pass.  Please see the bullet points above!