SEAT Stonington HOP Service

SEAT’s HOP Service in Stonington provides transportation within the Stonington area between Pawcatuck and Mystic along the CT Route 1 corridor. The service is available weekdays between 6:30 AM and 7:45 PM. This service replaces the old Route 10 service and launched February 3, 2020.  Starting April 1, 2023, fares are required to ride.  We accept cash, One-Ride Passes and Token Transit.  SEAT Period Passes and 10-Ride Passes are NOT accepted.

The HOP Service utilizes Spare Labs’ SEAT Connect App to request or schedule rides.

SEAT MicroTransit No Show Policy

October 1, 2022

A “no show” is defined as either not showing up at a pick-up location within the wait period or cancellation with less than two (2) hours’ notice prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Excessive “no shows” decrease operational efficiency, increase operating costs, and negatively impact all customers who suffer a degradation of service.

As a result, SEAT has implemented the following “no show” policy effective October 1, 2022, for all its MicroTransit service, which is currently the Stonington HOP and New London Smart Ride.

  • If a customer no-shows or late cancels two (2) times within a seven (7) day period, service will be suspended for seven (7) days.
  • A second suspension within a six (6) month period will result in a fourteen (14) day service suspension.
  • A third suspension within a six (6) month period will result in a twenty-one (21) day service suspension.
  • A fourth suspension within a six (6) month period will result in a six (6) month service suspension.

A service suspension may be appealed to the Operations Manager, in writing upon notice of the suspension.  A review will be conducted, and a written decision will be rendered within five (5) business days upon receipt of the written appeal.

Download the SEAT Connect app on your smartphone.  Or use your web browser to book your ride:



The SEAT Connect App is available for both Android e iOS.


SEAT Connect App is your portal to explore on-demand transit services available in your area. Simply scroll left and right to navigate between the services available near you.


Available services will be shown along with their daily schedule, fare (if applicable), and service area.


Once you provide an Origin and Destination, the SEAT Connect app will provide an estimated drop-off window.


You will be asked to create an account the first time you use the service.


The SEAT Connect App will keep you updated with your arrival estimate. Follow your assigned vehicle in real time all the way through to your destination.

Note: Location services must be turned ON for the app to function properly.